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Organic Stevia

Organic Stevia

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Organic Stevia  Dehydrated

Stevia rebaundiana Bertoni or sweet yerba is native to northeastern Paraguay, and is considered botanically as a shrub, and in its leaves we can find a sweetening power that is 30 times greater than sugar and the extract reaches 200 to 300 times more .

Discovered in 1899, the Stevia rebaudiana, has virtues that spread rapidly until the world medical science was interested in studying its virtuous properties.

The main product of this plant is in its leaves, whose sowing and harvest are preferably organic and without any use of agro-toxic. At present, stevia is used in several ways, such as infusions, for meals, drinks, among others. These are 10 benefits of Stevia:

1. Currently, in Japan, 41% of the sweeteners consumed come from Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni. The sweetener obtained from this plant, has beneficial effects on the absorption of fat and regulation of blood pressure and is used as a substitute for sugar for people suffering from diabetes, since it does not increase blood sugar levels; On the contrary, studies have demonstrated its hypoglycemic property, improving glucose tolerance.

2. Recommended for diabetics. Several studies report that consumption of estevioside regulates blood sugar levels.

3. Reduces anxiety and craving for sweet foods

4. It decreases obesity.

5. It is cardiotonic; regulates the pressure and heartbeat.

6. Digestive, diuretic and antacid action and thus helps eliminate toxins.

7. Anti-rheumatic.

8. Antimicrobial, stevia extract eliminated E coli, salmonella, Staphylococcus, bacilli, and did not affect useful bacteria, indicating a selective action.

9. Anti caries. Compatible with fluoride, stops the growth of platelets and prevents cavities.

10. Dermal effect revitalizing epithelial cells, helps in the rapid healing of wounds.

You know, these are just some of the benefits of this sweet plant.


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