About us

We are a company dedicated to encouraging the production and manufacturing in rural communities of the State of Guanajuato, leaning chiefly on natural resources in these areas in a sustainable manner, ensuring sustainable and restoring the site and its bio-sanitation.

Most of our products are made ​​from wild plants in the area, due to restoration and conservation of soil, all these wild plants used are carefully selected to choose to which have higher activity and / or active secondary metabolites, always taking care to replant and continue our efforts to reforest damaged areas with medicinal plants.

Unlike organic products and / or biological, are the wild, they do not use any chemical added, for example, an organic product, requires organic fertilizer, organic insecticide, organic fungicide, bactericide organic chemicals including and / or biological seemingly organic, while wild plants grew free of any additives alone, which activates natural defenses of plants and therefore they have greater potential medicinal and / or secondary metabolites.